World Famous Stylist Aspiration

Required Pack: Get Famous

Aspiring Influencer
Join Stylist Influencer Career
Buy a Sketchpad
Discuss Fashion
Reach Level 2 Painting Skill

Rising Stylist Influencer
Reach Rising Star Celebrity Status
Reach Level 5 Painting Skill
Interview Sims

Town Favorite Stylist
Reach Posh Profiler or Dedicated Dresser Level
Reach Proper Celebrity Status
Max Painting Skill
Offer to Makeover Sims

World Famous Stylist Influencer

Record Style Guide
Fashion Blog Online
Record Fashion Tips
Reach Global Superstar Status

5000 Simoleons
You’ve Got Talent Trophy
Unstoppable Fame Trait

Add Impression
Complete a Style Board with Impressions
Interview Sims
Write Article or Style Column
Submit Article or Publish Column
Fashion Blog
Go to Work Inspired
Gather an Impression
Record Style Guide
Update Social Media Status
Promote Brand
Level up in Painting Skill

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