Model Career

Required Pack: City Living, Get Famous and Moschino Stuff
Other Requirements: XML Injector

Career Levels
Promotional Model
Body Parts Model
Advertisement Model

Commercial Branch
Magazine Model
Catalog Model
Social Media Model
Fitness Model
Television Model
Billboard Model
Global Supermodel

High Fashion Branch
Swimsuit Model
Lingerie Model
Runway Model
Glamour Model
Fit Model
Editorial Model
High Fashion Model


Promotion Tasks
Record Beauty Tip Video
Have 5000 Followers
Have 1 Million Followers
Try on Outfits
Create Social Media Profile
Go Jogging
Max Charisma Skill
Max Fame Skill
Max Fitness Skill

Work From home Tasks
Sell Photos to Publication
Pose for Pictures
Throw a Fan Meet & Greet
Record Beauty Product Video
Record Beauty Tips Video
Record Modeling Video
Sign Autographs
Perform a Workout

Sims with a degree in Fine Arts will jump to the Advertisement Model Level.

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