Pet Groomer Career

Required Game Pack: Cats and Dogs

Career Levels
Pet Receptionist
Pet Walker
Pet Bather
Pet Dryer
Pet Clipper
Assistant Pet Groomer
Professional Pet Groomer


Work From Home Tasks
Bathe a Pet
Brush a Pet

2500 Simoleons
Booping Shnoops Antique

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Model Career

Required Game Pack: City Living, Get Famous and Moschino Stuff

Career Levels
Promotional Model
Body Parts Model
Advertisement Model

Commercial Branch
Magazine Model
Catalog Model
Social Media Model
Fitness Model
Television Model
Billboard Model
Global Supermodel

High Fashion Branch
Swimsuit Model
Lingerie Model
Runway Model
Glamour Model
Fit Model
Editorial Model
High Fashion Model


Work From home Tasks
Sell Photos to Publication
Pose for Pictures
Throw a Fan Meet & Greet
Record a video on Beauty Products
Record a video on Beauty Tips
Record video on Modeling
Sign Autographs For Fans
Perform a Workout

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Media Production Career

Required Game Pack: Get Famous

Career Levels
Media Production Intern

Music Branch
Booking Agent
Tour Manager
Sound Engineer
Voice over Talent
Recording Engineer
Music Editor
Music Producer
Music Video Director
Advertising Executive

Video Branch
Video Talent Booker
Set Designer
Video Production Assistant
Junior Video Producer
Executive Video Producer
Video Editor
Social Video Strategist
Lead Videographer
Video Coordinator
Video Director

Media Production

Work From Home Tasks
Gain a Media Production Skill
Meet Some New Friends
Record a Video OR Produce a Track
Throw a Fan Meet & Greet
Sign Autographs
Release a Track or Upload a Video
Create a Social Media Profile
Add to Simstagram Story
Play a Track or Study Trends
Browse The Web

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Medical Field Career

Required Game Pack: Base Game Compatible
Other Requirements: Work Interactions Pie Menu

Career Levels
Nursing Home Attendant
Emergency Medical Technician
Medical Technologist
Medical Specialist

Cardiologist Branch
Interventional Cardiologist
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Assistant Director of Cardiology
Director of Cardiology

Gynecology Branch
Imaging Specialist
Fertility Specialist
Assistant Gynecologist
Chief of Gynecology

Occupational Therapy Branch
Rehabilitation Liaison
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational Therapy Supervisor
Assistant Director
Director of Occupational Theory

Pediatrician Branch
Child Psychologist
Development Pediatrician
Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist
Assistant Pediatrician
Director of Pediatric Services

Pharmacist Branch
Pharmacy Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Manager
Assistant Director of Pharmacy
Director of Pharmacy

Psychiatry Branch
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Geriatric Psychiatrist
Forensic Psychiatrist
Assistant Chief of Psychiatry
Chief of Psychiatry

Radiology Branch
Radiologic Technologist
MRI Technologist
Radiology Administrator
Assistant Director
Director of Radiology

Research Branch
Medical Analyst
Medical Lab Tech
Medical Scientist
Assistant Research Manager
Medical Research Manager

Surgeon Branch
Plastic Surgeon
General Surgeon
Assistant Director
Director of Surgical Services


Work From Home Task
Host Virtual Medical Appointment

Sims will gain Logic skill when this interaction is used.

This buff is generated below:


Sims with a degree in Biology will jump to the Medical Specialist level.

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Juice Fizzer Career

Required Game Pack: Eco Lifestyle

Career Levels
Juice Trainee
Juice Expert
Juice Leader

Juice Fizzing

Work From Home Tasks
Start Juice Fizzing

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Ice Cream Manager Career

Required Game Pack: Cool Kitchen Stuff

Career Levels
Ice Cream Taster
Ice Cream Scooper
Ice Cream Decorator
Ice Cream Team Member
Shift Leader
Assistant Store Manager
Ice Cream Store Manager


Work From Home Tasks
Buy an Ice Cream Maker
Craft Ice Cream

5000 Simoleons
My First Simoleon Certificate

Sims with a degree in Culinary Arts will jump to the Ice Cream Decorator.

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Help Desk Career

Required Game Pack: Base Game Compatible
Other Requirements: Work Interactions Pie Menu

Career Levels
Service Desk Analyst
Desktop Analyst
Laptop Analyst
Technical Analyst
Infrastructure Support Analyst
IT Support Specialist
IT Systems Administrator
Senior Support Specialist
Senior System Administrator
Chief Information Officer


Work From Home Tasks
Respond to Help Desk Tickets

Sims will gain Charisma skill when this interaction is in use.

Sims with a Computer Science degree, will jump to the Infrastructure Support Analyst Level.

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Handyman/Handywoman Career

Required Game Pack: Base Game Compatible

Career Levels
Repair Intern
Repair Assistant
Repair Technician
Head Handyman/Handywoman


Work From Home Tasks
Repair an Object

Sims with a degree in Physics will jump to the Repair Technician job level.

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Geologist Career

Required Game Pack: Get Together, Get To Work and Jungle Adventure

Career Levels
Geo Council Collector
Geotechnical Engineer
Wellsite Geologist
Assistant to Lead Geologist
Lead Geologist


Work From Home Task
Reach Level 3 of Archaeology
Use the Microscope to Analyze a Crystal, Fossil or Plant
Study For Historical Insights
Authenticate Artifacts
Survey For Dig Piles
Collect 2 Artifacts

Sims with a degree in History will jump to the Geotechnical Engineer level.

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Emergency Medical Dispatcher/Technician Career

Required Game Pack: Spa Day
Other Requirements: Work Interactions Pie Menu

Career Level
Emergency Medical Trainee

Emergency Medical Dispatcher Branch
Emergency Medical Dispatcher
EMD Communication Specialist
EMD Communication Operator
EMD Communications Captain

Emergency Medical Technician Branch
Emergency Medical Technician
Advanced EMT
EMT Shift Supervisor

Fitness (EMT Branch)
Wellness (EMD Branch)

Work From Home Tasks
Study Medical Emergency Handbook

Sims will gain the Logic skill when this interaction is in use.

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