Animal Lover Trait

Required Packs: Cats and Dogs, Cottage Living and My First Pet Stuff

Pet a Pet
Feel the Love from a Pet
Be a Companion of a Pet
Give Pet a Treat
Brush a Pet
Kiss a Pet
Adopt a Cat
Adopt a Dog
Visiting the Vet Clinic
Training a Dog
Clean Shed
Clean Llama and Cow
Milk a Cow
Selling Cow for Ingredients and Produce
Pet Death
Socializing with Cow, Llama or Chickens

Social interactions
Talk about Animals
Discuss Animal Rights
Give Training Advice

Gain Relationship with Pets 1.5x Faster
Pet Training 1.5x Faster
Veterinarian 1.5x Faster

Meet a Cat
Meet a Dog
Adopt a Cat
Adopt a Dog
Pet a Cat
Pet a Dog
Buy a Pet Toy Box
Buy an Automatic Pet Feeder
Clean up a Hair Pile
Treat Pet
Buy a Pet Ball
Buy a Squeaky Toy
Play Fetch
Use your Cat Wand
Cook Pet Food
Cook Gourmet Pet Food
Feed a Rodent
Clean a Rodent Cage
Play With a Rodent
Browse the Pet Vending Machine
Purchase a Fish

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