Vain Trait

Required Game Pack: Base Game Compatible


Freshen Up
Psych Self Up
Admire Self 
Calm Self Down
Self Pep Talk
Make Silly Face (Playful Mood)

Interactions ( You will get a buff when using these)

Enthuse about Self

Extol Personal Virtues

Admire Yourself in Mirror
Freshen Up
Give Pep Talk 
Make Silly Faces
Try to Calm Down
Practice Pick up Lines
Practice Speaking
Fish for Compliments

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Glamorous Trait

Required Game Pack: Get Famous and Vintage Glamour Stuff

Host a Party
Admire Self in Mirror
Freshen up 
Try on Outfits
Apply Makeup

Social Interactions
Talk about Glamorous Lifestyle

Learn Charisma 2x Faster
Gain Fame 2x Faster

Throw a Party
Give Butler an Order
Reprimand Butler
Praise Butler
Sign an Autograph
Buy an Object worth 1000 Simoleons
Try new Outfits on using the Closet
Brag about Possessions (Materialistic Trait)
Admire Possessions (Materialistic Trait)

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Cultured Trait

Required Game Pack: City Living, Island Living, Jungle Adventure and Snowy Escape

Visit Museum
Visit Art Gallery
View Art
Eat or Cook with a Hot Pot
Vacation in Selvadorada
Eating with Chopsticks
Dance the Rumbasism
Selvadoradian Culture skill in use
Watch World Culture Network
Drink Kava
Order Cultural Food at Market Stalls

Social Interactions
Talk about Art
Talk about Different Cultures

Create a Excellent Painting
Earn Money from Selling Paintings
Finish a Painting
Level up in Painting Skill
Mentor Someone in Painting
Paint a Classical Painting
Paint a Landscape Painting
Paint a Masterpiece
Paint a Mura
Paint a Painting
Paint a Pop art Painting
Paint a Surrealistic Painting
Paint a Abstract Painting
Paint an Impressionist Painting
Paint on an Easel
Paint on an Easel at the Museum
Sell 3 Paintings
Sell a Painting
Start a Confident, Flirty, Playful, Angry or Sad Painting
Admire Art
Talk about Art
View a Mural
Travel to the Museum

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Vacationer Trait

Required Game Pack: Jungle Adventure and Outdoor Retreat

Whenever you travel to Granite Falls or Selvadorada

Social Interactions
Chat about Vacation
Brag about Vacationer Lifestyle
Recommend Vacation Destinations
Discuss Vacation Rentals
Talk about Locals

Fun – Learn 2x Faster

Go on Vacation to Granite Falls
Chat about Locals
Eat a Selvadoradian Meal
Show Pictures of Jungle
Dance the Rumbasism
Tell an Omiscan Folk Tale
Ask about the Omiscan Ruins
Watch World Culture Network
Listen to World Radio Station

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Shy Trait

Required Game Pack: Get Together

When the Sim is at Home
Browse Web
Play Video Games on Computer
Research on a Computer
When in Flirty Mood (Uncomfortable Buff)
Dancing (Embarrassed Buff)
Singing (Embarrassed Buff)
Playing Instrument (Embarrassed Buff)

Social Interaction
Talk about Being Shy

Lose Charisma x2

Be Alone
Browse the Web
Travel to the Library
Play Video Game

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Philanthropist Trait

Required Game Pack: City Living, Get Famous, Parenthood and Seasons

Donate to a Charity
Give Simoleons to Sims
Give a Speech
Ask for Donations (Charity Event Party)
Host a Charity Live Stream

Social Interactions
Define Meaning of Philanthropy
Encourage to Give Back to Charities

Donate to a Charity
Give a Gift

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Pastor Trait

Required Game Pack: Get Famous and Parenthood

Social interactions
Explain the Power of Prayer
Chat about Religious Views
Quote a Bible Verse
Encourage to Visit a Church

Make a Friend
Hug Someone
Get to Know Someone
Be Friendly with Someone
Volunteer with Family
Record a New Video

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Night Owl Trait

Required Game Pack: Base Game Compatible

During the hours of 8 pm – 5 am
Visiting a nightclub
Uncomfortable buff from 5 am to 5 pm

Social Interactions
Talk about Night Owl Lifestyle
Joke about Night Owls

Travel to Club

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Intellectual Trait

Required Game Pack: Discover University and Get to Work

Read a Book
Read For Reference
Analyze a Book
Write a Book
Resume Writing
Research on Simpedia
Research Idioms
Research Logic vs Instinct (Research Machine)
Research Good Writing Through Feedback (Research Machine)
Research Methodologies
Experiment using Chemistry Lab
Use Microscope
When Logic Skill is in Use

Social Interactions
Brag about Intellect
Give Intellectual Advice

Logic – 2x Faster
Writing – 2x Faster
Research & Debate – 2x Faster

Read a Book
Read Something
Write a Bestselling Book
Write an Excellent Book
Level up in Logic Skill
Play Chess
View a Piece of Art at the Museum
View a Piece of Art
Share Ideas
Browse Simpedia
Research on a Computer
Use the Microscope

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Herbalist Trait

Required Game Pack: Outdoor Retreat

Whenever the Herbalist Skill is in use

Social Interactions
Brag about being a Herbalist
Talk about Herb Plants
Talk about Herbal Recipes

Brew a Herbal Remedy
Eat a Wild Plant
Harvest an Unidentified Plant
Identify Wild Plant
Level up in Herbalism
Use an Herbal Remedy
Use Fireleaf Extract

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