Master Crafter Aspiration

Required Game Pack: Eco Lifestyle, Nifty Knitting, Seasons and Outdoor Retreat

Basic Crafter
Reach Level 2 in Fabrication
Reach Level 2 in Knitting
Craft an Object using the Woodworking Table
Create a Candle

The Better Crafter
Reach Level 5 in Fabrication
Reach Level 5 in Knitting
Fabricate a total of 2 Items
Craft 2 Flowers

Skilled Crafter
Reach Level 8 in Fabrication
Reach Level 8 in Knitting
Create 2 Knitted Items
Create 2 Items using Juice Fizzer

Master Crafter
Master Fabrication Skill
Master Knitting Skill
Teach Someone to Knit
Mentor in Fabrication

5000 Simoleons
Master Crafter Trait

Craft a Chair
Craft an End Table
Craft a Piece of Furniture
Craft an Instruement
Craft a Sculpture
Craft a Toilet
Craft a Tub
Craft a Camping Mascot
Craft a Garden Spot
Craft a Garden Planter
Craft a Wall Shelf
Craft a Mirror
Craft a Wall Hanging
Make a Flower Arrangement
Level up in Handiness
Buy a Woodworking Table


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