World Traveler Aspiration

Required Packs: City Living, Island Living, Jungle Adventure, Outdoor Retreat and Snowy Escape

Explore Mt. Komorebi
Make a Wish
Write a Wish
Go Hiking in Mt. Komorebi
Perform Snow Activities
Explore San Mysuno
Attempt the Spice Curry Challenge
Explore Space at GeekCon
Buy Object at Flea Market
Ask Romance Guru about Romantic Destiny
Explore Sulani
Throw a Kava Party
Attend a Sulani Fetival
Explore the Beach Cave
Dive for Treasure
Explore Vacation Worlds
Reach Level 2 Selvadoradian Culture Skill
Vacation in Granite Falls
Max Selvadoradian Culture Skill
Dance the Rumbasim
2000 Simoleons
Great Storyteller Trait
Worldly Knowledge Trait
Go on Vacation in Granite Falls
Chat about Selvadoradian Culture
Eat a Selvadoradian Meal
Ask about Jungle
Ask about Omiscan Ruins
Show Pictures of Jungle
Tell an Omiscan Folk Tale
Dance the Rumbasism
Write Column about Festival (Critic Career)
Drink Sakura Tea
Attempt Spice Challenge
Drink Dark Tea
Drink Light Tea
Light a Firework
Order a Drink at Festival
Sample Food at Spice Festival
Harvest Produce at Festival
Buy a Flea Market Object

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