Cultured Trait

Required Packs: City Living, Island Living, Jungle Adventure and Snowy Escape

Visit Museum
Visit Art Center or Art Studio (My Venue that comes with Active Artist Career)
View Art
Eat or Cook with a Hot Pot
Vacation in Selvadorada
Eating with Chopsticks
Dance the Rumbasism
Selvadoradian Culture skill in use
Watch World Culture Network
Drink Kava
Order Cultural Food at Market Stalls

Social Interactions
Talk about Art
Talk about Different Cultures

Create a Excellent Painting
Earn Money from Selling Paintings
Finish a Painting
Level up in Painting Skill
Mentor Someone in Painting
Paint a Classical Painting
Paint a Landscape Painting
Paint a Masterpiece
Paint a Mural
Paint a Painting
Paint a Pop art Painting
Paint a Surrealistic Painting
Paint a Abstract Painting
Paint an Impressionist Painting
Paint on an Easel
Paint on an Easel at the Museum
Sell 3 Paintings
Sell a Painting
Start a Confident, Flirty, Playful, Angry or Sad Painting
Admire Art
Talk about Art
View a Mural
Travel to the Museum

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