Firefighter Super Hero Aspiration

Required Pack: Get To Work
Other Requirements: Active Firefighter Career and Work Interactions Menu

Firefighter Newbie
Join Firefighter Career
Work 2 Days at Fire Station
Extinguish a Fire

Firefighter Hopeful Hero
Reach Level 3 Fitness Skill
Reach Level 3 Handiness Skill
Write Fire Safety Guide
Reach Fireman/Firewoman Level

Firefighter Expert
Reach Level 7 Fitness Skill
Reach Level 7 Handiness Skill
Extinguish 4 Fires
Upgrade 2 Objects

Firefighter Super Hero
Max Fitness Skill
Max Handiness Skill
Reach Fire Chief Level
Plan Firefighting Strategies 

Beloved Trait
Naturalist Trait
2000 Simoleons
We didn’t Start the Fire Sign

Upgrade an Object
Level up in Fitness
Level up in Handiness
Go for a Jog
Research Workout Tips
Travel to Gym

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2 thoughts on “Firefighter Super Hero Aspiration

  1. Hi, I just found you mods and love the new aspirations. however this one wont work because the active fire fighter is broken. I was wondering if as a temp fix (if it is easy) to make it use your sims3 remake version of firefighter. If that is a ton of work don’t worry about it, just thought I would ask. Thanks for all the great mods 🙂

    1. At this time, the answer is no because I plan on getting the active Firefighter career up and working as soon as I can. Thanks.

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