Star News Anchor Aspiration

Required Game Pack: Get Famous
Other Requirements: News Anchor Career and Work Interactions Menu

Novice News Anchor
Join News Anchor Career
Reach Level 3 in Writing Skill

Average News Anchor
Reach Level 5 in Writing Skill
Reach Investigative Reporter Level
Reach Level 5 in Charisma Skill

Respect News Anchor
Write 5 News Articles
Reach Level 7 in Writing Skill
Reach Level 7 in Charisma Skill

Star News Anchor
Max Writing Skill to Level 10 
Write 10 Articles
Reach News Lead Anchor Level
Max Charisma Skill to Level 10

Beloved Trait
Poetic Trait
5,000 Simoleons

Practice Writing
Start Writing a Book
Write Something
Skill up in Writing


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