Stay-at-Home Parent Aspiration

Required Packs: Cottage Living and Parenthood
Other Requirements: Stay-at-Home Parent Career

Newbie Parent
Become a Parent
Join the Stay-at-Home Parent Career
Reach Level 3 in Parenting Skill

Loving Parent
Browse Parenting Forums or Research Parenting
Reach Level 6 in Parenting Skill
Socialize with Your Child 10 Times
Order Groceries for Family

Super Parent
Cook 3 Excellent Meals
Help a Child with Homework 2 Times
Clean House Items
Spend $500 on Kids’ Stuff

Respected Parent
Max Parenting Skill
Go into Full Parent Mode
Mentor Your Child 3 Times

Role Model Trait
2500 Simoleons

Buy Toy
Volunteer with Family
Add Note to Bulletin Board
Make Drawing for Bulletin Board
Encourage Children
Influence Children
Skill up in Baking
Skill up in Cooking
Skill up in Parenting
Do Laundry
Cook a Group Meal

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2 thoughts on “Stay-at-Home Parent Aspiration

  1. I’m not seeing it on my job page but I do have the aspiration. How do I fix it I really want to use it.

    1. Hello, on my updates document I mention the mod is unavailable. I am working on updating it, it will be available soon. Check back later and use the excel document to the right.

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