Social Media Star Aspiration

Required Pack: City Living and Get Famous

Social Media Newbie
Join Social Media Career
Create Social Media Profile
Update Social Media Profile
Reach Level 1 Fame Skill

Social Media Learner
Share Images or Jokes with Followers
Record Videos for Fans
Record Rant OR Broadcast Status
Reach Level 3 Fame Skill

Social Media Personality
Sign 10 Autographs for Fans
Throw a Meet & Greet Event
Promote Image
Upload 2 Videos

Social Media Star
Reach Top Level of Social Media Career
Upload Viral Videos
Reach Level 5 Fame Skill
Have 2 million Followers

Gain 50 New Followers
Gain 10 New Followers
Share Jokes with followers
Check total followers
Blog for followers
Earn 100 Online Followers
Earn 1000 Online Followers
Broadcast Status
Check-in-at Current Venue
Create Social Media Profile
Share Image
Share Jokes with followers
Start a funny meme
Upload a viral video
Update Social Media Status
Update Social Network Status
Level up in Charisma Skill
Walk Starlight Boulevard
Sign an autograph
Upload a video
Record a new Video
Record a Rant

Unstoppable Fame Trait
2500 Simoleons 


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