Super Siblings Aspiration

Required Game Pack: Island Living, Movie Hangout, Parenthood and Seasons

You’re Annoying
Tease a Sibling 3 times
Be Mean to a sibling 3 times
Be Mischievous to a sibling 3 times

Partners in Crime
Make fun of adults with siblings
Tell jokes to a sibling 5 times
Become Partners in crime
Plan a prank with a sibling 

Friends After all
Hug a sibling lovingly 5 times
Swing with a sibling
Watch a movie with a sibling 
Play a game with a sibling 

Super Siblings 
Become best friends with a Sibling 
Be friendly with a sibling 5 times
Give a friendly or funny gift to a sibling

Tease (Sibling Rivalry)
Flick Nose (Sibling Rivalry)

Reward Trait
Socially Gifted trait and Cranimals Activity Table!


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