Twilight Years Aspiration

Required Packs: City Living, Outdoor Retreat, Parenthood & Spa Day
Other Requirements: Family Reunion Event

Cooking and Baking for Family
Reach Level 5 Baking Skill
Reach Level 5 Cooking Skill
Cook a Meal for Family
Bake a Dessert for family

Time with Grandkids
Play Dolls with Grandkids
Create a Family Club
Reach Level 5 Parenting Skill
Throw a Family Reunion

Maxing Skills
Max Baking Skill
Max Cooking Skill
Max Parenting Skill

Alone Time
Do Yoga or Meditation
Craft an Object
Get Spa Treatments
Play Chess

Make a Group Meal
Volunteer with Family
Leave a Note for someone
Leave a Drawing for someone 
Hug Someone
Influence a child or teen
Go on vacation to Granite Falls
Bake Something
Gain Parenting kill
Do a Yoga Routine
Ask for a Massage
Get a Massage from Massage Therapist
Get a Hand Massage
Get a Foot Massage

Reward Trait
2500 Simoleons
Role Model Trait

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