Travel & Culture Fanatic Aspiration

Required Packs: Get Together, Island Living and Jungle Adventure

Beginner Travel & Culture Fanatic
Create a Travel Culture Club
Take Photos of Selvadorada
Reach Level 2 Archaeology Skill
Reach Level 2 Selvadoradian Culture Skill

Sophomore Travel & Culture Fanatic
Reach Level 4 Archaeology Skill
Dance the Rumbasim
Reach Level 4 Selvadoradian Culture Skill
Write about Rumbasim

Junior Travel & Culture Fanatic
Reach Level 7 Archaeology Skill
Max Selvadoradian Culture Skill
Throw a Kava Party

Expert Travel & Culture Fanatic
Chat about Selvadorada with a Local
Max Archaeology Skill
Write a Book on Travel and Culture

Chat about Selvadoradian Culture
Eat a Selvadoradian Meal
Ask about local cuisine
Ask about the Jungle
Ask about the Omiscan Ruins
Chat about Selvadoradian Culture
Show Pictures of the Jungle
Tell an Omiscan Folk Tale
Dance the Rumbasim

Treasure Hunter Trait
2500 Simoleons

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