Loves Bathing Trait

Required Game Pack: Spa Day

Play in Bath
Nap in Bath
Take Bath
Take Bubble Bath
Take Bath with Soaks
Take Mud Bath

Social Interactions
Chat about Bath Soaks
Convince to take more Baths

Buy a Bath tub
Take a Bath
Take a Mud Bath
Take a Bath with Soaks

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Knitting Lover Trait

Required Game Pack: Nifty Knitting Stuff

Knitting Items or Objects
Donating Knitted Items
Teaching a Sim to Knit
Gifting a Knitted Item
Listing Items for Sale on Plopsy

Social Interactions
Encourage to Knit – When you use the Encourage to Learn Knitting interaction it will generate an in-text notification.
Chat about Love of Knitting

Knitting – Learn 2x Faster

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Grandparent Trait

Required Game Pack: Parenthood

When Parenting Skill in use
Help with Homework
Purchase Toys
Bottle Feed Baby
Bounce Baby
Changer Baby Diaper
Coo at Baby
Cuddle Baby
Make Face w/ Baby
Find out what is wrong w/ Baby
Rock Baby
Shoosh Baby
Talk to Baby
Play Dolls
Play Flaschards with Toddler
Bathe Toddler
Check on Toddler
Tuck in Toddlers or Children

Social Interactions
Brag about Grandchildren
Talk about Grandchildren
Ask about Grandkids (To your kids only)
Give Advice for Future (To Grandchildren only)
Guess What? I would not mind a Grandbaby! (To your kids only)

Gain Parenting Skill
Talk to Baby
Cuddle Baby
Bounce Baby
Coo at Baby
Make Silly Faces at Baby
Check on Toddler
Play Dolls with Toddler
Read a Toddler to Sleep
Read a Book to Toddler
Potty Train a Toddler
Watch TV with a Toddler
Help Child with Homework
Encourage To (Parenting Skill)
Influence To (Parenting Skill)

Learn Parenting Skill 2x Faster

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Makeup Lover Trait

Required Game Pack: Get Famous and Vintage Glamour

Apply Makeup using Vanity Table
Remove Makeup using Vanity Table
Offering a Makeup Makeover

Social Interactions
Chat about Makeup Brands
Talk about Makeup Products

Admire yourself
Freshen up

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Candy Lover Trait

Required Game Pack: Seasons and Spooky Stuff

Grab Treat
Eat Candy
Eat Candy from Holiday Cracker

Social Interactions
Chat about Candy Flavors
Talk about Candy Brands

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Activist Trait

Required Game Pack: Get Together

Give Speech

Social Interactions
Spread Protest Awareness
Encourage to Join a Protest
Chat about Freedom of Speech
Define the goal of Activism

Protest for cause at Spice Market
Protest for cause in Fashion District
Protest for cause in Arts Quarter
Protest for Cause at Myshuno Meadows
Protest for Cause in Uptown
Debate Politics
Promote Cause to 2 Sims
Buy Podium
Check Cause Progress
Collect Donations
Donate to an Online Charity
Give Speech at Podium
Pick Cause
Promote Cause
Secure Votes
Level up in Charisma Skill

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Yoga Lover Trait

Required Game Pack: Spa Day

Join Yoga Classes
Do Yoga Poses

Social Interactions
Talk about Yoga Poses
Give Yoga Advice

Buy a Yoga Mat
Do a Yoga Routine

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Woodworker Trait

Required Game Pack: Outdoor Retreat

Craft with Woodworking Table
Resume Woodworking

Social Interactions
Brag about Woodworking Creations

Buy a Woodworking Table
Craft a Chair
Craft an End Table
Craft a Piece of Furniture
Craft an Instrument
Craft a Sculpture
Craft a Toilet
Craft a Tub
Craft a Wall Hanging
Craft a Mirror
Craft a Wall Shelf
Craft a Garden Planter
Craft a Garden Pot
Craft a Camping Mascot

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Techie Trait

Required Game Pack: City Living

Hack Anything
Participate in Hack-a-thon
Make Mobile Apps
Make Video Game
Make Plugin
Make Virus
Practice Programming
Mod Video Games
Start Freelance Work
Browse Web (Computer or phone)
Browse Art
Browse Intelligence Database (Secret Agent Career)
Look for Recipe Ideas
Look for Homework answer keys
Research on Computer
Browse Simpedia
Watch Funny Videos
Research Pick-up Lines
Read Obituaries
Respond to mail (Phone/Computer)

Social Interactions
Discuss Technology
Give Technology Advice
Joke about Non-Tech Savvy Sims
Brag about Technology Background

Tech Guru Career – Performance increases x2
Freelance Programmer Career – Performance increases x2
Learn Programming 2x faster

Try to Hack something
Hack School Performance
Practice Programming
Practice Programming for an hour
Level up in Programming
Earn money from Programming
Program on a Computer

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Tea Lover Trait

Required Game Pack: City Living and Spa Day

Drink Festival Tea
Drink Tea
Grab Tea

Social Interactions
Chat About Tea Flavors
Debate Coffee vs Tea

Cure sickness with a cup of Tea
Drink Sakura Tea
Drink Dark Tea
Drink Light Tea
Drink Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea

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