Royal Family Member Aspiration

Required Packs: City Living, Get Famous and Get Together
Other Requirements: King and Queen Traits, Royal Family Career, Royal Family Mod, and Work Interactions Menu

Royal Beginner
Join the Royal Family Career
Have a Royal Family Title
Have a Patronage

Working Royal
Give a Speech
Donate to a Charity
Start a Royal Patronage Club

Growing Royal Family
Have a Royal Wedding
Try for a Baby
Announce Royal Baby News

Beloved Royal Family Member
Give Royal Family News Update
Promote Royal Family Agenda
Host Meeting with Patronage Group

Beloved Trait
Bouquet of Flowers

Level up in Charisma Skill
Practice Speech at Podium
Meet Someone New
Get Married

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Master Crafter Aspiration

Required Packs: Eco Lifestyle, Nifty Knitting, Seasons and Outdoor Retreat

Basic Crafter
Reach Level 2 Fabrication Skill
Reach Level 2 Knitting Skill
Craft an Object using the Woodworking Table
Create a Candle

The Better Crafter
Reach Level 5 Fabrication Skill
Reach Level 5 Knitting Skill
Fabricate a total of 2 Items
Craft 2 Flowers

Skilled Crafter
Reach Level 8 Fabrication Skill
Reach Level 8 Knitting Skill
Create 2 Knitted Items
Create 2 Items using Juice Fizzer

Master Crafter
Max Fabrication Skill
Max Knitting Skill
Teach Someone to Knit
Mentor in Fabrication

5000 Simoleons
Master Crafter Trait

Craft a Chair
Craft an End Table
Craft a Piece of Furniture
Craft an Instruement
Craft a Sculpture
Craft a Toilet
Craft a Tub
Craft a Camping Mascot
Craft a Garden Spot
Craft a Garden Planter
Craft a Wall Shelf
Craft a Mirror
Craft a Wall Hanging
Make a Flower Arrangement
Level up in Handiness
Buy a Woodworking Table

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Party Planner Trait

Required Pack: The Sims 4 Base Game
Recommended: Event Planner Career and Event Planner Aspiration

Host an Event

Social Interactions
Share Party Excitement
Brag about Party Planning Skills
Talk about Party Drinks and Food
Chat about Party Decorations
Gossip about Party Clients
Talk about Party Venues

Throw a Party

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World Famous Stylist Aspiration

Required Pack: Get Famous

Aspiring Influencer
Join Stylist Influencer Career
Buy a Sketchpad
Discuss Fashion
Reach Level 2 Painting Skill

Rising Stylist Influencer
Reach Rising Star Celebrity Status
Reach Level 5 Painting Skill
Interview Sims

Town Favorite Stylist
Reach Posh Profiler or Dedicated Dresser Level
Reach Proper Celebrity Status
Max Painting Skill
Offer to Makeover Sims

World Famous Stylist Influencer

Record Style Guide
Fashion Blog Online
Record Fashion Tips
Reach Global Superstar Status

5000 Simoleons
You’ve Got Talent Trophy
Unstoppable Fame Trait

Add Impression
Complete a Style Board with Impressions
Interview Sims
Write Article or Style Column
Submit Article or Publish Column
Fashion Blog
Go to Work Inspired
Gather an Impression
Record Style Guide
Update Social Media Status
Promote Brand
Level up in Painting Skill

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Knowledge Aspiration

Required Packs: Discover University and Spa Day

Knowledge Seeker
Read 3 Books
Become Focused
Take a Thoughtful Shower
Browse Simpedia 3 Times

Knowledge Practitioner
Achieve Level 3 in 3 Skills
Reach Level 3 in Any Career
Meditate 3 Times
Help a Sim with Homework

Knowledge Journeyman/Journeywoman
Become an Adult
Achieve Level 5 in 4 Skills
Achieve Level 6 in Research
Reach Level 5 in Any Career

Knowledge Guru
Reach Top Level of a Career
Max 2 Skills
Mentor a Sim
Contribute Knowledge on the Archive Machine

Over-Achiever and Professional Trait

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Change The World Aspiration

Required Packs: City Living, Discover University, Get Famous and Get Together
Other Requirements: Llamacrat, Simdipendent and Plumbobican Trait

Political Newbie
Join Politics Career
Create a Political Party Club
Reach Level 3 Charisma Skill
Choose a Democrat, Independent or Republican Trait

Achieving Political Goals
Reach Level 5 of Political Career
Secure 10 Votes
Give Political Speeches
Join a Protest

Political Leader
Debate Politics
Throw Campaign Rally
Throw Charity Benefit Party
Record Political Message

Political Guru
Max Charisma Skill
Promote Policies To 10 Sims
Reach Top Level of Political Career

Give Speeches at Podium
Practice Speech
Debate Politics
Donate to an Online Charity
Collect Donations
Promote Cause
Check Cause Progress
Go to work feeling Energized
Go to work feeling Confident
Secure Vote
Protest at Spice Market
Protest at Arts Quarter
Protest at Fashion District
Protest at San Myshuno Meadows
Protest in Upton
Record a Video

5000 Simoleons
Honor Plaque
Beloved Trait

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Architectural Designer Aspiration

Required Packs: Discover University and Get to Work
Other Requirements: Architectural Designer Career and Renovate Home Event

Beginner Architect 
Join Architectural Designer Career
Ask Home Owners For Ideas
Reach Level 3 Painting Skill

Gaining Experience
Renovate Homes
Reach Level 5 of Architectural Designer Career
Take Photos
Reach Level 2 Photography Skill

Knowledgeable Architect
Reach Level 7 Painting Skill
Use the Sketchpad to Paint From Reference
Renovate Homes

Expert Architect 
Reach Top Level of Architectural Designer Career
Max Painting Skill
Max Photography Skill

2500 Simoleons
Honor Plaque

Level up in Painting Skill
Get a Promotion

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All-Rounder Aspiration

Required Packs: City Living, Fitness Stuff, Get Together and Spa Day

Swimming Guru
Swim in Pool
Start a Swimming Club
Swim Laps Four Times

Exercise Guru
Go Jogging
Do some Rock Climbing (Gentle Incline)
Reach Level 5 Fitness Skill

Do Some Yoga
Buy a Yoga Mat
Attend 3 Yoga Classes
Do Private Yoga at Home
Reach Level 5 Wellness Skill

All-Rounder Expert
Max Fitness Skill
Max Wellness Skill
Mentor a Sim in Fitness

Go Swimming
Go for a Jog
Buy a Rock Climbing Wall
Level up in Fitness Skill
Level up in Wellness Skill
Buy a Yoga Mat
Do a Yoga Routine
Discuss Fitness Techniques 
Discuss Fitness Techniques at Gym

Reward Trait
High Metabolism Trait and 5000 Dollars

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World Class Detective Aspiration

Required Pack: Get To Work

Just Getting Started
Join Detective Career
Attend First Day of Work
Reach Level 3 in Logic

On the road to Patrol
Travel to Crime Scene
Search for Clues
Take 2 Witness Reports

Detective Work in Progress
Analyze Clues
Issue APB 3 Times
Ask about a Suspect
Reach Level 5 of Detective Career

World Class Detective
Fingerprint a Suspect
Take Suspect Mugshots
Interrogate a Suspect
Reach Level 10 of Detective Career

Mighty Plaque of Honor
10,000 Simoleons

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Wellness Aspiration

Required Pack: Spa Day

Wellness Beginner
Buy a Meditation Stool
Buy a Yoga Mat
Practice Yoga
Reach Level 2 Wellness Skill

Improving Wellness
Attend 3 Yoga Classes
Do some Meditating
Do Yoga Poses
Reach Level 5 Wellness Skill

Wellness Advisor
Discuss Cognitive Focusing Methods
Offer Mental Relaxation Tips
Reach Level 8 Wellness Skill
Suggest Visualization Techniques

Wellness Expert
Recommend Self Esteem Exercises
Max Wellness Skill
Give Massage to Others
Share Detox Secrets

Level up in Wellness Skill
Buy a Meditation Stool
Meditate on the Meditation Stool
Buy a Yoga Mat
Do a Yoga Routine
Prepare Sugar-free Carob Coconut Cake
Grill Veggie Burgers or Tofu Dogs
Cook a Vegetarian Meal
Get Focused
Offer Mental Relaxation Tips
Discuss Cognitive Focusing Methods
Suggest Visualization Techniques
Recommend Self Esteem Exercises
Buy Massage Table

Reward Trait
Long Lived Trait
5000 Dollars

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